According to Jesus, one of the two greatest commandments is to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Loving our neighbor means we seek the good and flourishing life for our neighbors.  Since Creivewood is planted in the heart of Crieve Hall Neighborhood, we believe that this is where we start learning and practicing loving our neighbor.

We seek to love our neighbor through:

Pencil Partnership with Crieve Hall Elementary

Room in the Inn – each Sunday night from November through March, we provide shelter, clothes, a meal, and fellowship with 13 homeless men in Davidson County

Parents' Night Out – We have consistently found that parents in our neighborhood have a difficult time carving out time to reconnect. So, we decided to take care of their kids for them. It is a small way of helping families flourish in our neighborhood

Easter Egg Hunt – On the Saturday before Easter we throw a big Easter Egg hunt for our neighbors. We want to provide memorable moments for family and point them to the empty tomb.

Block Party – Once a year in the Fall, we throw a huge party for our neighborhood to say nothing else than that we love you! There are games, free food, video game station, picture booths, and so much more.

Coffee and Donut Drive-Thru – About 3-4 times a year we bless our neighborhood by providing coffee and donuts in the morning. We would love for you to stop by sometime!