Crievewood Baptist Church is a church that has a long history of mission involvement locally, nationally and internationally. Click here to view for a PDF of our mission partners and endeavors. We have organizations for many ages to be involved in missions:

The Scriptural Purpose of Crievewood Baptist Church's Involvement in Missions

  1. To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ (Matt. 28:18-20).
  2. To share Christ's heart for the world (Matt. 9:36-38; Gal. 6:9-10).
  3. To see people saved and brought to the knowledge of God (John 3:16; Acts 1:8; Romans 10: 13-15).
  4. To build up the body of Christ through discipling (Eph. 4:12-16).
  5. To minister to the totality of human need (Matt. 22:37-39; Gal. 6:9-10).

The Definition of Missions

Missions at Crievewood Baptist Church shall be defined as ministry which fulfills the Great Commission by

proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ cross-culturally through evangelism, discipleship, Bible translation, church planting and church leadership development, giving priority to those who have not been reached with the gospel. We recognize the importance of meeting physical and educational needs when this serves the growth of the gospel.

The Context of Missions

MISSIONS is a part of the Church’s total MISSION.

MISSION describes who the Church is and what the Church does to advance Christ’s kingdom for his glory. MISSIONS describes the Church’s activity to advance Christ’s kingdom across language and/or ethnic boundaries. This ministry among peoples of distinctly different cultures and languages is CROSS-CULTURAL and is the particular focus of the Global Missions Ministry Team.

As part of the Church’s activities, the Church also seeks to advance Christ’s kingdom within our own culture. While there are many committees and ministry teams at Crievewood Baptist Church that help it reach people with the gospel within our culture (e.g., Evangelism, Culture Impact, Christian Education, etc.), the Global Missions Ministry Team helps Crievewood Baptist Church reach people with the gospel beyond our culture and thus fulfill God’s mission to bring glory to himself by redeeming a nucleus of believers from every distinct language and cultural group on earth.

Women on Mission & Women's Missionary Union meets at various times during the year.

Here are some mission projects that Crievewood has been a part of over the years:

Operation Christmas Child

Our Missions Partners:

Luke 9:2
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
Begin Anew
Amani Sasa
Compassionate Hope

Many of our members are also involved with ongoing medical mission projects in Honduras.

Contact our church office at 615.832.5968 for more information about any mission opportunity.