The Preschool and Children’s Ministry at Crievewood strives to offer many meaningful and joyful experiences for children birth through grade six.  We want to partner with parents in providing activities that will help lay biblical foundations for Christian conversion.  Through our various activities, we hope to show how God’s word helps children in their daily lives.

Your Child's Walk With Christ

At CBC, we love having your children in our program and on our campus, but the primary place where live-changing discipleship happens is in the home. Parents are the primary role model of faith in each child's life. We know navigating the journey of faith is challenging and helping a child along this journey is not an easy task. To assist you along the journey our team has outlined the major points of emphasis that build upon one another as your child grows in his or her faith.

  1. Parent Dedication
  2. Prayer
  3. Family Time
  4. Life with Christ
  5. Bible
  6. Worship
  7. Giving & Serving
  8. Maturity
  9. Lifelong Disciple

Click here for a downloadable booklet with more details of each step in your child's walk!

Children are special at Crievewood Baptist Church!  Imagine what church would be without the presence of children.  A church without the laughter of a playful child would indeed be lacking in joy.  We strive in every area of our ministry to provide our children with trained, God-led teachers who are excited about the opportunity of teaching your child.

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