Saturday, 1 June 2019
G.R.A.C.E. Habits Part 2

          After we receive the Gift of God’s grace, we repent.  What happens next?  Our attitude changes.  Specifically the attitude of our minds.  We live in a narcissistic society.  It’s all about me.  Hence, the selfie.  What is not usually stated about the selfie is that it takes 10 takes to get the perfect selfie!  Paul calls us to have “the same attitude of mind as that of Christ Jesus had.”  Where does this attitude of mind change us?  In our relationships.  It’s our mindset that changes toward another person because of God’s grace.  We need to be constantly asking ourselves what is set in our minds when we encounter a person.  Is it judgment?  Is it grace?  Do we grant generous assumptions or do we look for the worst narrative possible? 

            For our attitude of mind to truly change, we need to be in constant communion with Christ.  Jesus tells us that he is the Vine and we are the branches.  Jesus abides in us.  Jesus dwells with you.  We are the ones who often walk away, not Jesus.  When we have constant communion with Christ, we are able to live from a deep well spring of Grace that overflows to the people around us.  When we do not, we become like a dry canal trying to transfer power we really do not have to the people around us.  Eventually we run dry. 

            How does constant communion with Christ spill over?  Grace spills over in evangelism and justice.  When we have received the gift of Grace, when Grace changes our life, we cannot help but tell other people about the Grace of God.  Grace also compels us to live a just/righteous life.  We will treat our neighbor with love.  We will seek the good of our neighborhood, our city, and our world. 


            God’s gift


            Attitude of mind

            Constant communion with Christ

            Evangelism and justice. 


Posted on 06/01/2019 7:11 AM by Dr. Ray Miller
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