Crievewood Baptist Church
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Every life changed by Christ
 Andrew Causey
 Pastor of Worship Arts

I was born in Chattanooga, TN in '82.  My father: a worship pastor.  My grandfather: a preaching pastor.  My call to ministry was a journey that becomes more and more poignantly pointed to Christ each day.   

 In my heart is a song that mediates the grace and abject sinfulness with worship.  My goal in worship is that lives will be changed.  I don't find a formulaic approach to worship to be overly beneficial - rather, a relational response is my desire.  As churches begin to find their heart's song for God, we lean in that direction - so as to be Spirit-led instead of man-led.   

I love to read.  I love reading about the theology and history of Christian worship.  It's a consuming calling to lead worship, as are all of our callings as believers.  I find new songs in the most random places, and give glory to God for our image being created in line with his.  In this image he makes us creatives... I LOVE THAT!  Thanks be to God; that we are called into his glorious inheritance.  Thanks be to God; that it is not based on our "goodness" or on our "merit." 

Come and join us in worship and you will join a group of men, women, girls, & boys that are pointing our hearts towards a God who loves us and has done everything he can to show this love as true and complete. 

I am the luckiest husband (world-wide) to the most amazing woman who has ever said, "Honey, can you please ..."  I am father to the most ridiculously brilliant and good-looking, SEVEN kiddos on the planet (purely objective).   

My God has blessed me with joy, as I serve his will in the churches I lead in worship.  Join us as CBC.  Join us as we seek God.

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